About Us

It’s been a while since I launched this website and as expected, I’ve learned a lot. Doing a print-style magazine and putting it online in electronic/digital flip-page format was the original concept . Unfortunately, the wait to bring out an online magazine once every two months basically defeats the purpose of the Internet.

It also became apparent that using magazine-reader (flip-pages) software is a bit too clumsy for a lot of people. With all the different browsers in play and various screen configurations to contend with, it’s just not a friendly-enough system for many people to enjoy.

With that said, here’s the new deal.  There will no longer be specific magazine issues.  Instead, content (individual stories and articles) is now posted in a blog-style format with photos. To see if this works better, there is NO CHARGE, NO REGISTRATION, NO LOG-IN needed to view this content. Hopefully, a larger audience will embrace this format and visit often to see what’s new.  And if you’re looking for a “Forum” section, sorry, we don’t have one and are not intending to start one. There are plenty of other boating sites already doing that and I wish them success.

For those of you who still want a traditional hardcopy full color print magazine mailed to your home every month, I’d like that too but the boating industry has a very long road back before enough advertising dollars are floating around to support such a venture. We’ll all just have to be patient.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me on this, and let me know if you like the new format.


For those of you who are new here and don’t know me, or what I’ve been doing for nearly four decades, here goes:  six years as executive editor/assistant publisher/boat tester for Powerboat Magazine (1973-1979), then another thirteen years as a monthly Powerboat contributor/editor until 1992 (left when owner/publisher, Bob Nordskog died), switched to Hot Boat and was a senior editor/boat tester there for sixteen years until it went down in flames in December 2008.  I still contribute on a regular basis to Sportboat Magazine, Offshore Only and occasionally to speedonthewater.com.  Had an opportunity to personally test drive and report on over 2000 different boats and brands.  Started boat racing when I was twelve and did it for the next 26 years until I retired (everybody needs to know when it’s time to quit).  Did all types, outboard, inboard, drag, marathon, offshore, ski racing and circles.  Had a great time and stayed right-side up most of the time.

But enough of the resume….let’s get down to why “Classic Custom Boats?”  The reason is simple, I’m still as passionate today about really cool custom boats from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s as I’ve ever been. In fact, I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a boat.  If my family photo album is correct, I was riding in our 12-foot Kelson Craft with a 25 Evinrude at the age of three.  That was sixty years ago!  Since then I’ve owned outboards, jets, stern drives and V-drives, and have loved and raced them all.  Seems to me that there are plenty of avid classic boat lovers out there who share that passion.  I hope that’s true!


Bob Brown