November 29, 2012
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Bass Lake Boat Fest 2010

You know that summer can’t be far off as you wind your way up a pine tree lined mountain road in search of Bass Lake’s annual Boat Fest  put on by the Classic V-Drive Club of America.  This early June extravaganza of extraordinary flatties, hydros, day cruisers and even an occasional tunnel is truly a sensory overload for anyone who appreciates great hot boats of the past.  Of the nearly one-hundred boats in the show, virtually every known brand from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s was represented.

The host venue is The Pines Resort and Conference Center which occupies prime waterfront property on beautiful Bass Lake.  While the main event takes place in the upper parking lot of the plush resort, some of the participants come a day or two early just to have an opportunity to do some kick-back boating on one of the most picturesque lakes in all of California.

While the boats were being judged in ten different categories, and some primed and ready for the mid-day “cackle-fest” showdown, there was plenty of time for bench racing talk between boat racing greats of the past in attendance like Larry Schabenland, Roy Doby, Bob Valenzuela, Gary Skow, Don Edwards, Wes Rose, Leonard Vella and others

Words are really insufficient to describe the magnitude of impressive equipment and outstanding restoration efforts that went into creating these boats.  Instead, let’s just allow the photos to tell the story.  Enjoy!

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