December 6, 2012
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Hot Boat Heaven at the River — February 2010

For more than 50 years, the Colorado River has been a fertile breeding ground for some of the fastest and most exotic high performance boats in the country.  The narrow strip of water just north of the California/Arizona border adjacent to Needles, California is one of the prime reasons for this notoriety.

In 2009, prompted by the urging of local hot boat enthusiasts, Needles Chamber of Commerce and the City Council got behind the concept of organizing a winter weekend “Big Block Legends Rally” community event at Jack Smith Park and launch ramp.  Thanks largely to the encouragement from Billy-B of Krazy Kolors in Alta Loma, California, a Needles regular since 1983, the hot boat, hot rod and motorcycle show became reality.  And the 2010 version just concluded this past February only got bigger and better thanks to enhanced community involvement  which now includes a street parade, a cackle-fest, charity golf tournament and nightly dinners.  The event also got a major boost when Nordic Boats and Randy Davis stepped up and generously became title sponsors.  Without that kind of support, events like this can’t exist.

“It’s great to see this community and boaters work together to promote this kind of mutually beneficial event,” commented Billy-B as he prepared his boat  for the show.  “It’s good for local businesses, tourism and recreational boating in the area.  I think given the current groundswell of local cooperation and enthusiasm, this event has the potential to rise to the level of a ‘Hot August Nights’ in the future.

For those who didn’t attend, here is a sampling of the incredible equipment that towed up to a thousand miles one-way for the show and go!  See more photos of this event in the Gallery section!  IF YOU’D LIKE TO ATTEND THE 2013 BIG BLOCK LEGENDS RALLY IN NEEDLES AT JACK SMITH PARK, THE DATES ARE FEBRUARY 22-24

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