Well, Classic Custom Boats is back.  Hopefully with a new and more viewer-friendly format to encourage you to visit more often.  This time, no “Forums.”  Sorry, unless you’re really into moderating and living your life around reading what other people say and comment, stay out of the “Forums” business.  I’m going to concentrate on doing what I really enjoy, and think I do best — writing and photographing about “classic” hot boats and the people who appreciate them and restore them.  The initial re-launch of this site contains content highlights from previous Classic Custom Boat magazines in 2009 and 2010.  Once all of that archive material has been reformatted   and posted, I’ll begin with new stuff as I attend events and races moving into 2013.  If you happen to own a “classic” boat, or know someone that does, let me know if you think it might be news-worthy — that’s what the “contact” form is for.  I’m always on the look-out for a good story or photo shoot.  The new site is FREE, with no restrictions on viewing.  You don’t have to register, remember a password or pay a fee to view, just enjoy.  I will also mention that a lot more event/race images have been added to the “Gallery” section since anyone has last visited.  If you get a chance, check it out.  And I hope you find the “Coming Events” section handy too. For now, maybe this will fill a small void in your boating life — more is on the way.  Your comments and feedback are always appreciated. If you like what you see,  please tell your family and boating buddies and share this link — Bob Brown — 12/15/2012