September 17, 2013
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It’s been one of the Parker Strip’s most popular campground resorts since flatbottom ski boats and hydros discovered the Colorado River.  And not wanting to forget its roots, every September Castle Rock Shores has a “Show and Shine” that attracts some of the best street rods and hot boats in the Southwest.

What makes it so unique is that Castle Rock Shores has one of the longest stretches of waterfront access of any campground on the Arizona side of the River.  It’s one of the few places where every Show and Shine participant has their own parking spot (some with shade trees) facing the tranquil blue of the Colorado River.

This year was a relatively even split between street rods and boats, about 35 to 40 of each, and a great mix of flattys, hydros, jets and even a couple of outboards.  Most were vintage 1960s and ‘70s and all were powered by big Detroit iron of that era.

Most of the boats were of local Parker, Havasu and Bullhead City origin, but some came from as far as parts of California to enjoy the last vestiges of late summer one-hundred degree temps before the fall cooling trend sets in.  It’s a season ending ritual that’s definitely worth attending.

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